Investment Philosophy

We work with clients to identify lifelong goals and develop wealth management plans to achieve them. The investment world is vast and complex where one can easily succumb to infomation overload. Our portfolio strategies reflect a customized treatment. We believe that one size does not fit all, and that not all investments are suitable for all clients. We believe that each client deserves a specialized investment strategy designed around previous investment experience, risk tolerance, performance requirements, liquidity, and taxing circumstances.

Research Process

Our equity research process allows us to analyze the many facets of a company, allowing us to understand its industry, management, business model, vision, potential, risks, accounting, and incentive structure. We utilize many research sources to aid us in constructing an opinion of the stock before acting on it. Our stock selection can take many different forms and depends on the client's customized investment strategy. This research process is not limited to equities; it carries over to bonds, options, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), alternative investments and mutual funds.

How We Are Different

When selecting mutual funds, many investment advisors are locked into a specific family of funds, but we at Schuylkill Financial believe that the entire universe of funds should be considered. Our fund selection is based on the fund manager's ability to pick stocks over the long run and outperform their peer group.